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Date of establishment: 1997

Amount of members: 17

Vilnius Rotaract club is an international non-political youth organisation that unites active people who want to make the world a better place. We are united to serve the public and help those in need. We are part of the global Rotary community which is creating a brighter tomorrow. We organize 3 major projects: “More than 100 smiles“, „Duck race“ and „Rotary Academy“.




„More than 100 smiles“ 

It is a social project aimed at one of the most sensitive social groups – lonely seniors who live below the poverty line and have nobody who takes care of them. Every year, just before Christmas we visit at least 100 seniors and bring them food, hygiene products, gifts and, most importantly, our time and attention.


„Duck race“ 

In June we organize a huge event in Vilnius when people are able to buy a duckling and support talented young children who have potential to be extraordinary in arts, sports and other activities, however, they live in very poor families and are not able to meet their basic needs.


„Rotary Academy“ 

It is our mentorship program in which students who seek professional and personal guidance are paired with field specialists and top businessmen from Rotary community. During the program, we facilitate their cooperation and make sure both mentors and mentees reach their set goals.



Date of establishment: 2013

Amount of members: 21

Iron Wolf Rotaract is a community of highly motivated people. It’s a place where we find a sense of self-realization. We are happy that our effort could contribute to society. But it’s the process that is most satisfying. It’s a place where we share our success and loses, fears and happiness. Iron Wolf is a family.




,,Birdhouse of luck”

It is a crowdfunding initiative that supports young talents in Lithuania. We believe that small nudge could be a crucial factor in the careers of young talents.

This project promotes sustainable environmental development and self-awareness as well as helping raise funds to support young talents who have limited finacial capabilities. We sell birdhouses with unique number and places them in different public parks in Vilnius each spring. Since 2013 Vilnius Iron Wolf Rotaract Club together with other Lithuanians clubs in their cities have placed more than 1 000 birdhouses.


Poker tournament

We organize charity poker tournament. All the raised funds we dedicate to the annual event for blind and visually impaired children „The Miracle of Cognition”.

,,Dream to act“

The main goal is to give possibility for kids from foster care houses and social risk families to participate in extra curricular activities.


Date of establishment: 2014

Amount of members: 20

VIRACT was established in 2014 following the tradition of our Godfather – Vilnius International Rotary Club. VIRACT gathers active, enthusiastic young leaders who have various experiences of living abroad, who engage in various social support projects and educational initiatives as an organizers and developers.



The First Schoolbag

The aim of the project is to provide the first graders from the social risk families with a school bag, containing all the necessary inventory. The school inventory includes: school bag, school stationery, uniform, sportswear.


Pain Clinics

Pain Clinics is one of the main projects of our club and one of the most important activities of the club. The essential aim is to provide the oncological sufferers and their relatives with all the necessary information on how to deal with physical and psychological pain. To this end, we organize short lectures / therapeutic sessions in collaboration with experienced oncologists and therapists in the country.


Rotary Running Dinner

Rotary Running Dinner is a three meal dinner, which is happening at the same time in different locations. It’s new connections, delicious food and time well spent.
The main goal of the event is to strengthen the relationships between the Rotary family. It is a three-course dinner snack, main meal or dessert) which takes place simultaneously at different places in one city at the Rotary and Rotaract clubs members’ homes.


Date of establishment: 2012

Amount of members: 10

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PiliesRotaract

Our goal is to strive for personal development by nurturing the community and environment of Vilnius. 
Provide support to talented young people and help them discover and develop their expertise and take care of their social well-being. 
Involve young people in public life, encourage them to achieve their goals and discover their own way of life.


Date of establishment: 1995

Amount of members: 14



We decorate Christmas Trees with holiday cards of certain people (for example from child care home, home of elderly people) with their desired gift for Christmas in public places and ask people to choose one of them and buy that present for that person.

„Rotary academy“

It is a long-term project for students during which we connect them with mentors who help students achieve their goals.

„Rotaract cup 2019“

It is a Basketball tournament of Rotaract clubs of Lithuania with the event in the evening during which we organize an auction, a lottery and donate the money to help people in need.


Date of establishment: 2014

Amount of members: 10

Kaunas Fortress Rotaract Club is non-political youth organisation uniting active young adults under 30 with a common goal to contribute to the community. Our club key objective is to serve the ones in the need while promoting leadership, high ethical standards and personal growth in the process.


,,Kindness costs nothing”

Our signature and the most enduring project “Kindness costs nothing” helps us to reach our club fundamental goals through people compassion and goodwill. Every year on December, just before Christmas, we treat our city residents with fresh baked buns in return of donation to the good cause. 

In addition, we support collaboration among other Rotaract or Rotary clubs bringing our legwork and expertise to help to spread the good deeds as effectively and broad as possible.

Video: https://youtu.be/d9vWbsHM4Q0


Date of establishment: 2000

Amount of members: 17

It is one of the oldest Rotaract clubs in Lithuania and first in the East side. Rotaract Club of Klaipėda Old-Town looking forward to share ideas and activities as well as to surround amiable members group and increase their personality.


„Rotary academy“

„Gerumas kuria stebuklus“


Rotaract Club of Klaipėda Old-Town also participates in many other activities of Rotary family which improve mutual community.


Date of establishment: 2017

Our club is about serving the community. We are focused on doing projects that can help the community happier.



,,The Smile of a Child”

A project where our club fundraised money for making presents to children with disabilities. This project was one of our biggest ones. Furthermore, members of our club go every two week to the children’s school to spend time with them.

Cleaning projects

Our club frequently organizes cleaning projects around the city of Klaipeda. Moreover we also join to support other youth groups who organize such projects.

Tree planting

On our first year, our club planted more than 100 trees around the area of LCC International University, where during this day most of them survived.


Date of establishment: 2002

Amount of members: 20

A club that always has a good mood and vibe, always focused on helping others to create a better world. We are active young leaders seeking active community engagement and personal development for ourselves and others.

This club always has good event organization ideas, so thats why all Lithuania Rotaract clubs trust us and let to organise events like the annual Roratact Conference and RYLA.




Pumpkins event with Project ,,Discover“

The project involves day care centers as a form of entertainment for the children who had less opportunities to develop their self-expression and creativity. We supported day care centers children to go to museums and theaters. Provide support for children in order to teach them to swim and visit companies and factories.


Gift wrapping for donation to fulfill children’s dreams

Before St. Christmas we all want to get presents, so Šiauliai Golden Wheel Rotaract Club wants to contribute to children dreams fulfillment, especially for those who need it. So not only do we wrap up your Christmas gift, but you will have the opportunity to donate to the children’s dreams fulfillment.

For more information you can find on Facebook and Instagram #kaledinisdovanupakavimas

Co-operated Projects

Through close relationships with other Rotaract clubs, we also promote co-operated project in our region such as: ”Birdhouse of luck” and Roraty Academy.

We always support Our region Interact clubs and participate in Rotary projects.


Date of establishment: 2003

Amount of members: 10

The main priority of Panevėžys Rotaract club is implementation of municipal projects and helping other youth organizations to secure funding for their activities. Our club is usually involved in many different activities which includes, but are not limited to volunteering at care home for elderly, restoring abandoned play grounds, organizing suicide prevention events.




It is is a project which’s idea is to create a safer and more fun environment for children. The project aims to revamp children’s playgrounds while promoting neighborhood and intergenerational unity for common goals.


Date of establishment: 2010

Amount of members: 8

Marijampolės Rotaract Club is a nonprofit organization that foster leadership and
responsible citizenship encourages high ethical standards in business and other activities.


Rotaract chess cup

This is our annual chess tournament for kids up to 10 years old
that gathers about 50 kids in every event.

Marijampolės Rotaract charity events

We have an annual charity events to support local social groups.

Generations together

This is our biggest project so far started in 2020 in cooperation with the European solidarity corps. By implementing the project, we want to achieve change in the community: to reduce the gap between young people and seniors, as well as to increase the cooperation of these social groups through joint workshops, access to socially responsible business ideas, marketing, IT skills. We want to create an online trading platform for seniors and learn with them and teach them how to use it. By sharing the experiences during the project, the experiences of seniors, we will involve a wider part of the community to take an interest in the ongoing project, its activities, and the results to be achieved. It is hoped that the created platform would serve one of the most vulnerable social groups, become a platform for their socialization, encourage them to communicate with clients, get to know the younger generation even better. The main results of the project are focused on two groups: seniors, who will be helped to discover opportunities for socialization and self-expression; and us – the organizer of this project and other young people in the community. We, together, will develop many project management and coordination skills, learn IT and sales skills, as well as get to know the lives of seniors, help enable them by creating an e- commerce platform.